05-31-2024 General by Steve Velkei

Innovation in Law: Unveiling Velkei Law’s Unique Solutions to Complex Legal Challenges

When it comes to overcoming legal challenges, it matters how you are able to achieve them. At least, that’s our philosophy. Far too often, we see other law firms focused solely on the end result. They want to “win”—not only because this means a positive outcome for their client, but equally (if not more so) because it adds a notch to their belt. Their approach to the law is very linear: They see a wrong that has been committed or a problem that needs to be fixed, they identify a resolution that would benefit their client, and then they focus on getting from A to B. But this isn’t always (or even often) the best approach. Why? Simply put, there is usually much more to the story. From the people involved to the outcomes that could be achieved with a more creative and forward-thinking approach, law firms that take this linear approach often overlook what matters most. Our approach is different.

Welcome to Velkei Law

At Velkei Law, we put creativity and diversity on par with results—because we believe that prioritizing creativity and diversity produces the best results. Consider our representation of Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian in its efforts to extract itself from its affiliation with one of the largest Catholic health systems in the country. Not only were we able to help Hoag secure independence with the support of the California Attorney General, but we were also able to help it expand access to comprehensive reproductive care and recruit specialists in sex and gender-specific care for LGBTQ patients. This is just one of numerous examples of how we have helped our clients leverage opportunities for the greater good. Effecting meaningful change requires more than just a lawyer. It requires a team. Our team is growing in ways that distinguish us from most other law firms. First, at a time when many organizations (both within and outside of the law) are reconsidering their diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives, we are doubling down. We firmly believe in the value of diversity, and this isn’t going to change. Second, we are building a hybrid law office. This means that our lawyers can come into the office when they want to work with one another in person, and they can work from home when they want to. We respect the fact that our lawyers are more than capable of making their own decisions about where they can be most productive, and we are confident in our team’s ability to effectively serve our clients whether they are wearing a tie in the office or flip flops at home.

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