The practice of law is traditional, staid and change happens slowly.

We realize that it is difficult to break out from the status quo to be something different, something better. So most firms don’t do it. But our philosophy is to be positively different, and we are!


is our core value

We believe in diversity. We know that diversity gives our law firm access to a greater range of talent and provides deeper insight into the needs of our clients. It’s been documented time, and again that diverse teams are more likely to reexamine facts and maintain objectivity. And one of the best ways to boost innovation is to hire culturally diverse teams. 

We’ve enriched our employee pool with people of different genders, races, nationalities, and perspectives. Because they’re unique individuals, different from each other, they’re more effective as a team in thinking about three-dimensional solutions to problems. All of this ultimately makes our law firm more effective for you, our client. 

Early Adopters Of A Different Kind Of


We believe people are most productive when they can control their own space. In that regard, our firm embraces a remote work policy that allows lawyers and staff the flexibility to work remotely, though we do use our brick-and-mortar office as a creative space to gather and collaborate. We are early adopters, trend readers, and trendsetters; it’s no coincidence that we were among the first law firms to offer work flexibility.

Many workplace studies show that a controlled and rigid work environment creates emotional distress and an unproductive work/life balance. If you’re working with a law firm that puts that kind of pressure on its lawyers, we’re pretty sure you’re not getting the best out of them.

Our Legal Counseling & Trial Strategy Draw From Our


Because we have and value a diverse team and promote a workstyle that keeps our team fresh, innovative, and productive, we manage your legal issues thoughtfully, skillfully, and creatively. We can quickly pivot to add or change legal strategies when necessary. We embrace emerging platforms to stay ahead of the game. Whether your matter needs legal, political, or media attention to get the best result, we know how to leverage the pressure points.

We are also unafraid to accept complex litigation cases where there may be multiple complicated issues and a wide array of individuals from various places across the world. We have a unique approach to representing our clients in cases that most law firms won’t touch, and we are remarkably capable of winning them. We are, in fact, different because we are positive.

A Law Firm You Can

believe in

We’re different because we believe, and we believe because we’re different. Founder Steven Velkei has been ably managing legal issues for his clients for over 30 years. From healthcare to real estate to retail to entertainment law, Steven and his team have successfully handled legal problems with billions of dollars of legal exposure.