Mr. Velkei started Velkei Law after successful stints with some of the country’s most prestigious major law firms.

The small firm practice allows him greater freedom to pursue his passions, choose the cases he takes and to provide a much more personalized approach to the practice of law.

He has been recognized by California Super Lawyers, Super Lawyer, Benchmark Litigation, and Law Dragon. He has also been quoted in a number of periodicals (including LA Business Journal, Daily Law Journal, and Law360) and has lectured extensively on government investigations and enforcement actions, trial techniques, and diversity within the legal profession.


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Diversity in the workplace is important to Mr. Velkei, not simply because he comes from a diverse background but because he believes it essential to his unique brand of winning. Problem solving, at its core, requires looking at a problem from all angles, and having a diverse team ensures that a problem will be reviewed from a number of perspectives.  This is essential where, as here, Velkei Law manages complex disputes that are not subject to easy answers or solutions.

Mr. Velkei frequently lectures on diversity issues and has been a regular presenter at the American Bar Association conferences, as well as made presentations before the Association of Corporate Counsel, the statewide conference of the California Association of Realtors, GOOD (“Guys Overcoming Obstacles to Diversity”) Guys, and others. For three years, Mr. Velkei acted as chair of the US Diversity and Inclusion Committee for the world’s largest law firm. He has also consulted with private companies on best practices for promoting diversity in the workplace and has lectured on regulatory issues and trial advocacy. Mr. Velkei is himself from a diverse background. He is LGBTQ. His mother is Latina, his father is an immigrant from Hungary, and his husband is African American.



need to do our part



need to do our part

Mr. Velkei is involved with a number of major charitable organizations in Los Angeles county. He serves on the board of the George Hoag Family Foundation, a philanthropic organization supporting charitable work throughout Los Angeles and Orange Counties, as well as on the board of the Alliance for Children’s Rights, a non profit organization supporting children in the foster care system. Mr. Velkei is also the first man to serve as a member of the Steering Committee of GOOD Guys, an advocacy group for greater equality for women in the workplace sponsored by the National Conference of Women’s Bar Associations.

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