Healthcare litigation is exceptionally complicated, and only the very best and experienced lawyers typically get involved. Despite its size, Velkei Law, and in particular, Steve Velkei, has been instrumental in some key wins for health insurance plans, large hospital providers, and health systems as well as large multi-specialty medical groups in complex litigation matters that put the very future of some of these institutions at stake.

By way of example, Velkei Law successfully secured the independence of Hoag Memorial Presbyterian Hospital and its large community endowment from permanent control by the Providence Health System. That dispute involved the coordination of a three-prong strategy of litigation, community outreach, and negotiation with key stakeholders inside and outside of government.  Steve Velkei also secured independence for a large medical group from Loma Linda University Health and ensured its ability to complete one of the largest sales of a medical group in California to an affiliate of Optum Health.

Steve combines an in-depth understanding of the healthcare business with deep connections to a number of important California communities and the officials who serve them, an important component of any dispute that impacts the broader healthcare community and access to care.    Our team of attorneys and other professionals are committed to forward-thinking solutions and always being prepared to pivot when circumstances change, as they often do.

At Velkei Law, we have the skill and experience to handle virtually any type of healthcare issue. Our innovative, diverse, and equity-driven approach, focused on combining diverse personnel with different skill sets, multimedia strategies, and political influence to approach difficult issues with a three-dimensional lens, makes us a positively different law firm. Instead of focusing only on our bottom line, we focus on equity and believe in complete diversity, positive public policy change, pro bono work, optimism, and a nurturing work environment.